Product Vision — a Layman’s understanding

It is how you want or where you want your product to be in the next foreseeable future. Said in another way, it is how much value in returns you want to have from your product over time.

It is important to add that product vision is not complete without a:

  1. Product Vision Statement: In a simple sentence, this is like your motto; a word that explains what you want to achieve (your mission with respect to that product). Please Google organizations and find out their vision statements. Write it down, think about how it inspires your current product.

Why is Product Vision or Vision Statement important?

Imagine starting a journey with no defined destination, anywhere you stop becomes your destination. In product development, money is spent, time is spent. Are you going to spend that lot of time without a definite goal?

Thus, product vision or vision statement is useful for providing a clear-cut path for your product development, deployment and profit lifecycle.

Enhance your product launch today by having a proper product vision statement.



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